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- Jenna Galloway

“EVERY child should have access to learning basic mental health skills that build their self-competency to live a great life”

Empowering Fledgelings to Fly.

Fledgeis a simple solution to an extremely complex and rapidly growing problem.

We are developing a web-based platform that allows us to innovatively put tools in the hands of teachers, parents, health care providers, and individuals who work directly with youth.


This platform has interactive components that use data and machine learning to suggest and prompt users towards the tools and skills they are most in need of. The platform will be simple and intuitive- allowing for individuals or ‘teams’ to ‘grow’ their virtual environment (as a symbol of their health and wellbeing) by participating in and interacting with the app. 

Learning through living. 

Innovating approaches to wellness and education to advance generations to come.  

Learning through living. 

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Meet The Team

Adam Caar


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