Conflict Strategy Solutions for Teachers and Parents: Putting Kids at the Center

Fledge is committed to a whole child model- where we form bridges between every person who influences a child's development. The work Connie Jakab is doing in schools and with parents to UNIFY community to best support children is something we value deeply. When parents and educators have a shared common language and approach, it makes supporting a child much more effective- and puts the child at the center, which is where we want to focus!

Putting the child at the center

Understanding where the other person is coming from requires a deliberate shift in perspective. Rather than assuming their intentions, approach with curiosity. Perhaps they're feeling that the education system is failing their child, or they fear for their child's safety. By acknowledging these underlying concerns, we can find common ground.

Both teachers and parents often grapple with feelings of inadequacy and fear. It’s vital to recognize that these emotions are shared, transcending the boundaries between educators and families. Rather than retreating into self-protection, we must foster an environment of collective problem-solving and mutual understanding.

How can we collectively solve this problem?

In a powerful culture, blame and shame give way to courageous communication and shared responsibility. Rather than fixating on who's at fault, we ask, “How can we collectively solve this problem?” This shift empowers both teachers and parents to take ownership of their roles in nurturing a supportive educational environment.

Imagine schools where collaboration feels natural, where teachers and parents work together as a cohesive village invested in the success of every child. This vision isn't out of reach – it starts with a commitment to lean into discomfort, to prioritize connection over defensiveness.

Yes, it’s a risk to embrace this approach. But it’s a risk worth taking, for the alternative is to leave the fate of our children’s education to chance. I invite educators and parents alike to join me in pursuing this brave path forward. Let’s create schools where every child feels seen, supported, and empowered to thrive.

If you're interested in fostering this kind of culture in your school, I’d love to connect. Reach out to me at, and together, let’s embark on this journey toward a brighter future for our children.

You can learn more about the work Connie does here!