About us

Our vision

We believe every child should have access to learning basic mental health skills that build their self-competency to live a great life

Who we are

Making Fledge-lings

Fledge draws inspiration from the word "fledgling," symbolizing the transformative stage of a young bird learning to fly. We view students as fledglings, embarking on their journey of growth and acquiring the essential skills to thrive in their unique environments. We provide them with the tools and support they need to become confident and capable young adults, as they prepare to leave the nest and venture into the real world.

How we teach

A holistic approach to learning

At Fledge, we bridge the gap between a child's academic success and mental wellbeing, providing a comprehensive solution to a complex problem. We ensure that no child is left unheard, no challenge goes unnoticed.

Our team

Working to make the next generation of mental health tools

  • Jenna Galloway

    Jenna Galloway

    Founder & CEO

  • Yuliia Marcinkoski

    Yuliia Marcinkoski

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Brett Klassen

    Brett Klassen

    Chief Technical Officer